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About Me:

I am a morbidly obese, middle aged, Australian man. I am happily married with two beautiful children and I have not 'owned' my well-being for a long time. I have tried with, some success, different diets over recent years, however I fail at maintaining the weight after I lose it.

The B52 is a challenge I have embarked upon, to slowly and steadily lose weight and become more healthy over a year. The plan is, with the help and support of a few good mates, to fix my diet and re-introduce exercise into my life. This is so I can go on being a father, husband and mate to those in my life for longer.

This site is my accountability tracker. I will be weighing in weekly with monthly measurements used as the overall measure of success. I will be blogging highlights and low lights over the next 52 weeks, and hopefully, at the end of it all be in a happy, healthy space.

For interest, my starting weight is 162.8 kg (~359 lbs) and I am 193 cm tall (6'4"). This is a BMI of 43.7 - the morbidly obese category.

What is the B52?

The B52 was borne from the completion of Movember by my workmates. A condition of completing Movember, was that I join a couple of my team mates for a high intensity gym session. As we neared the end, the reality of that hit home, and I realised that I would not be able to do a session without high risk of injury.

This made me consider my health in a meaningful way and come up with the 52 week plan to get healthier, so at the end of November 2020 I will be able to attend a gym session without fear. I plan to lose 1kg per week for the next 52 weeks, and increase exercise over the time. the target weight is a high number, this reflects my current state.


There are incentives of not only being healthier, but every month I am under the plan, I do not have to pay the penalty. The penalties include financial penalties or having a high intensity gym session with my support people.

I expect to have weeks that are line ball (eg. around Christmas, my birthday etc), however the intent is to have a steady path down over each month. One mistake will not stop this process, it will simply be something to work on.

The diet I will be following will be tracked through the CSIRO Total Well Being Diet tracker, exercise will be slow initially with weights and walking to start, before moving to more intense workouts.

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