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  • Brendan Murphy

So, a pork knuckle and beer midweek threw my numbers off this week. Coming in at 124.9 i was down 300g on last week but still above the weigh in 2 weeks ago.

My exercise was as good as possible with a number of work trips included in the last week and my diet the same. The only lapse was the pork knuckle and single beer on Wednesday night that triggered an uptick in my weigh ins.

Will hopefully shed this for next week and be back on track to finish with a bang.

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  • Brendan Murphy

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

So I am a day late to this update and have to caveat my physical measurements this week as being completed at a different time of the day to the others. This was courtesy of having yesterday off for a golf day.

This week was about managing the fallout of the weekend away for our wedding anniversary. The 2 days of eating rich foods and enjoying good wine certainly took a toll on the numbers this week, with an initial uptick in my overall weight of 3.5kg when i was able to weigh in on Monday. This stabilised and came back down to 125.2kg by my weekly weigh in, which is still an uptick on last week of 1.4kg however my micro level detail is still trending the right way.

This week was also a challenge as due to work locations i was unable to get the same level of exercise in as usual. Outside of the weekends festivities, my diet was on point and I am happy enough of where i am at.

On results, below is the usual tracking data showing that yes, i have missed the target of this month again. However as previously posted, i have tracked the micro data and have been able to achieve a -2.3 average of fat mass from last month. This is a fantastic result and shows that while the measurement numbers are not moving rapidly, the makeup of my body is still changing.

4 weeks to go and the start of another Movember. I will do everything i can to put myself in the best position for the finish line. Bring it on.

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  • Brendan Murphy

So the 'big night out' that was planned for last Friday turned out to be a late cancellation and did not go ahead. I still had a couple of whiskeys and watched the footy, but my fears of a blowout this week were unfounded.

I ended up losing 1kg this week and that included an overnight trip to Canberra for work. It was also supposed to include the F45 session for failing the challenge last month, however apparently coming from outside the borders of the ACT means you must be patient zero and you are not allowed to train with them.

From a food perspective - i was on point for the whole week and exercise was what could be fit in (2 cross trainer workouts instead of 3). I am still trending the right way with fat loss - again the results will be shared next week at the end of month update and am generally feeling fantastic.

This weekend is a weekend away to the Hunter Valley for our wedding anniversary. While I am expecting some drinking, I am not seeing a huge impact to the diet / weigh in next week. As per last week, I will be happy with a nil gain week next week to close out month 11.

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