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  • Brendan Murphy

Well poo. The birthday celebrations obviously set me back further than I had expected. I have had my first upturn in weigh-ins for the B52. 154.8kg (up 0.6kg from last week), putting me line ball with the target for the program.

After the weekend i worked very hard on diet and exercise to get back on track, but evidently the damage was done.

This wont thrown me off the program. I am disappointed in myself for allowing an increase, however the facts are that i am still ahead of the plan (just) and fortunately have 4-5 weeks of clear air to try and make up the gains again, before facing any other potential blow outs (I am looking at you Tool concerts in February...).

Next week is going to be a big loss - i can feel it.

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  • Brendan Murphy

So, this post is a day later than usual. Yesterday was my 40th birthday, and I was able to log in 900g lighter than the previous week, 7.7kg lighter than when I started. Definitely happy with the trend, however i am noticing that the weight loss is slowing slightly.

The week was very disciplined with my diet, however with it being the week back to work and with the usual frantic-ness of getting back on top of things, i was unable to get as much exercise done as i would like. I will make a conscious effort to get on track this week, as i think i will need to undo a day and a bit of rich eating and drinking due to celebrations before next weeks weigh in.

Nothing bad to offer this week - things went to plan and i registered a loss.

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  • Brendan Murphy

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

This week was up and down. Firstly, I covered over 15 km's in two rounds of golf as well as other incidental exercise. I maintained my diet well, with the exception of New Years Eve where pizza and a few drinks were had. I then came down with a viral thing on Wednesday, which further removed any sense of appetite for the last couple of days. Overall, I thought I was tracking for a big loss this week.

Step on the scales this morning to only have dropped 0.5kg was a little deflating. I am unsure if it was due to the diet, the up tick in exercise or the illness, suffice it to say I will be tracking things closely this week in the hope to get back on target for weight loss next week.

A huge positive though - I went to RM Williams and bought the belt that did not fit from Week 1 (5 weeks ago). I am very pleased to say that now it fits comfortably, albeit at the largest hole, and I am stoked. While the weight numbers have not changed significantly over the past two weeks, the size and shape of my waist has. Absolutely stoked with that outcome.

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