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The Good:

Alright. First week down and on the whole I got through it OK. Weigh in posted. Being focused on getting my diet right this month, I only really had 1 moment of hunger late Monday morning. Fortunately Jodie at work threw a pack of carrots at me which got me to lunch and through the day. Food wise, TWB is telling me I am fairly balanced. Slightly over in Veggies, slightly under in Fruit, but fundamentally balanced and in control which is good.

I am a little surprised at how well I have adapted, but am remaining cognisant that there may still be a cliff coming. I am not getting ahead of myself.

The Bad:

Not terrible. My wife and I went to the Dylan Moran show on Saturday night in the city. It was long time planned and was a great show. We had dinner beforehand where we ate sensibly, not insanely. We each had a starter and Main and a wine or 2. At the show, a beer in hand and no snacks. All food tracked and the alcohol tipped my weekly "treats" allocation just over the limit. I was able to minimise the hurt though managing snacks through the week, however just crept over where I should have been. The next morning, we both got back to a healthy breakfast and didn't indulge again - something that we would have done previously.

The Ugly:

As a part of this B52 challenge, coupled with it being Black Friday / Cyber Monday sales time, I thought I would reward myself with a new leather belt. The plan - get a new belt to track the starting notch and then use it to show the final notch week 52. I bundled the kids into the car, braved the parking on Saturday and made my way to RM Williams to get a new one. I currently have a size 46 belt (an old one granted, so there has been some stretch) and I wear size 46 pants. I went in, an assistant came to help and I asked "I am after a black belt, how big do they come?".

She said "46 is our largest".

'Fantastic, right on the limit' I thought as she headed out to the store room to bring me one to try.

When she came back, she handed one to me and asked me to try it. No problems - I undo my current belt and start sliding the new one home. It is going to plan, it smells good, I am getting excited over a belt. Then it hammers home, past the last loop and there it stops. I cannot get the belt to the buckle. In the middle of the store, i stood there realising that it was a bridge to far, and now i had to take the new belt off, put my old one back on and walk out.

The assistant was lovely, and handled it well. However the embarrassment in front of my kids was palpable. It was a real motivator to get things on track.

When i got home, it was EBAY time and i found a leather worker that made size 48 belts. Ordered, delivered on Thursday and hooray - it fits. But still, not a great moment.

The Conclusion:

I think, all in all, that this is something I can definitely do. I feel like I have had a good start to things. Just need to build the eating habits as we go toward Christmas. Let the positivity role.

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  • Brendan Murphy

Here we are - first day, first set of measurements. I know what I am starting with and what I need to do. Let's get started.


Weight: 161.9 kg

BMI: 43.5

Chest: 146.5 cm

Neck: 51 cm

Waist: 145 cm

Hips: 135 cm

Bicep: 41 cm

Thigh: 69 cm

Progress Photos

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