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  • Brendan Murphy

De-ja-vu. This week I weighed in the same as last week (124.8kg). My diet was on point with a minor hiccup on Sunday and so was my exercise. I think i have to accept that overall weight loss from here on in will be a slow process (if i am to do it without going to extremes). The good news is, at the lower levels, my fat mass is shifting significantly - so overall things are still progressing.

To the hiccup on Sunday. Long story short - I had a pork knuckle for lunch (no beer) after being out and about with the family all morning. It was so filling it covered me for dinner as well and my overall calories was not impacted. The Monday weigh in there was a 500g blip on the radar, but thankfully as I steered clear of the beer, it was not a lasting impact.

Tonight will test things for next weeks number. I am headed out with the soccer boys where many a whiskey will be consumed. I will be happy if next week comes in the same again!

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  • Brendan Murphy

Well, what an unusual week. I did not spend two in a row on the same major number and was able to drop 0.7kgs this week taking me into the 124's. The only real change this week was the 25% increase in duration on the cross trainer, moving from 32mins to 40mins each session. I tried to remain in the intense zone (not peak) for the 3 workouts this week and was surprised at how little I noticed the increase in time. For interest I have copied the elliptical trainer screen and corresponding fitness tracker data for Sunday's workout (the first of the 40 minute workouts)

Otherwise, it was a non-de-script week as far as the rest goes.

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  • Brendan Murphy

I am finally out of the 126's! I had a drop of 800g to take me to 125.5kg. To say i am relieved is an understatement.

What changed? Primarily my approach to cardio. I re-balanced my workouts to be weights and cardio on an even rotation (I went heavy on weights the last few weeks to get my shoulder better at the detriment to my cardio). Additionally, on sage like advice from one of the guys keeping me on track, I lowered my pace on the cross trainer, keeping at 52RPM instead of 55rpm. I am still doing just over 10k's in 32 minutes but my heart rate barely touches the peak zone. I am hoping this is what I need to keep with to continue to loss trajectory and will track it closely the next couple of weeks. I will work to increase this duration over coming weeks to see if it helps further.

On the failing of last month - the F45 session is booked for later this month and I have reset the target weight of this week to the same as last week. This means I am still tracking against the 900g per week challenge, but I am not trying to make up the 3.4kg I am behind and doing this in an unhealthy manner. This means at the end of the challenge i am aiming to be sub 120kg which is still a hell of an achievement.

I am also more closely tracking my body makeup and will be tracking fat mass loss at the end of the month. Even if I don't hit the weight target, as long as there is a loss of fat mass I consider the month successful. For info - the starting point for fat mass tracking is 40kg as at last weeks weigh in.

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