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  • Brendan Murphy

Well, the plateau continues with a 100g increase on last week to 126.3kg. As usual, my diet has been good and exercise regular enough.

It has taken 10 months but finally i have had a failing in B52 challenge. It looks like I am F45ing it when travel restrictions are lifted as the penalty. I will work out with the boys what that means (do I continue being 3.4kg behind target or do I reset the delta and the target loss?).

Not all is lost however - with tracking my body makeup, getting back onto weights this month has seen my muscle mass increase from 81.1kg back to 84.5kg and as such my fat percentage has dropped below 30%. My measurements (below) are still showing losses in the key areas, specifically another 3cm off my waist which is a good thing.

All in all, while this month I did not lose any weight (126.3kg was last months weigh in). I stayed stable, lost size and increased muscle mass. It was done unconsciously without effort or feeling of restriction. I have to remind myself that this was part of the reason for the long approach to this challenge, I wanted what I have to become the normal, and it has. I will happily go and do a F45 session now where 10 months ago it struck absolute fear in me and keep doing what I am doing as it is making me better. I am genuinely happy about where I am at, especially when I think back to where I was.

Next week I will update on the outcome of the decision on the plan forward.

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  • Brendan Murphy

So this is the 4th week with me being in the 126kg range, though I think today's measurement is a little influenced by a limited nights sleep and not matching my normal pattern. I weighed in the same as last week (126.2kg), which I am frustrated and yet pleased with. While i am no 2.4kg behind target, i am happy to not be bouncing back up and I have been able to add a new notch to the belt! Something is working, if not showing on the scales.

This week was limited in exercise due to work, but my diet was on point. My weight fluctuated a little throughout the week but stayed within the 126kg range. My sleep last night was abridged as i had to get up at 3am to take my father into hospital for a procedure. I think this resulted in a slightly higher measurement as i have discovered my weigh-ins are impacted on mornings with less sleep / regularity. I will track to tomorrow morning and see if i get a jump down.

Otherwise, my shoulder recovery goes well and i have more exercises to get through.

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  • Brendan Murphy

So, I am a couple of days late getting to this. Have been on the go the last few days and just had time to site down and update this.

Unfortunately, it was a case of another week, another poor result. I dropped a whopping 200g to be 126.2kg. I am now 1.5kg behind target and after looking at my diet and exercise, genuinely confused.

Obviously, last Sunday was fathers day and it was the exception to a really good week. I was well on top of food (maybe a little higher on carbs than i should have been). Fathers day, while i went over the top, it was not by much, definitely not enough to change numbers significantly. Overall i was well within my target for calories and was really balanced.

I did get a full week of weights in, i am not sure if that impacted anything in the numbers game. Overall i am feeling good and from a belt perspective am preparing for another hole to be punched.

I have started this week well and will really push the exercise. On that, i now have a skipping rope, cannot wait to wake the neighbors as i bounce on concrete in the early hours of the morning!

On the whole, this is week 3 of a plateau. I will see if i can change things up more this week and jag a big number next, but otherwise i may need to revisit my targets to the end of the challenge.

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