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Week 10 (42 to go)

This week I had my half yearly check-up with my GP. Usually a straight forward affair - Check blood pressure, lungs, weight etc. Pick up scripts and referral for blood tests - in and out in 10 minutes with a bit of banter.

Today, aside from him running late due to a traffic accident, we focused heavily on weight. His scales were about 4kg higher than my ones, however the delta between my last weigh in with him (~September 2019) and now was a whopping 14kg. We spoke about what i was doing and the approach and he was very pleased and interested to keep tracking this with me. I may have grown my readership by 1.

On the tracking side of things for week 10. Again my diet has been good, with only one meal inducing any "indulgences" of note - that being chicken satay noodles. Exercise was strong, 3 sessions of weights and 4 on the cross trainer with a night out at the driving range in between. No more pain - just the feeling of muscles being used if that makes sense. Slowly increasing weights on exercises where i can.

I have a presentation next week and we had a dry run through the week. I have to present for about 15 - 20 minutes. The last presentation ran, while longer, i struggled, sweating and being out of breath after talking for very little time. This time around - absolutely no problems. I was able to be up, animated and sat down with no ill effects. Little things like walking medium distances does not trigger the massive sweating issues I was facing - this is working out ok.

On weigh in, i have found an anomaly with my bathroom scales. The cleaner moved the scales on Wednesday and when i jumped on as a tracker through the week, the number was very high. I thought that this could not be right, so i pulled the scales off the wall a little (all four sensors still on the flat of tiles) and the number changed by 2kg down. I replaced the batteries etc, and tried a few different locations on the tiles, each time i got a different reading. I have since set my scales in a single location for weigh in, however have folded and ordered a new set of scales that i will keep in the garage near the work out equipment that i will use from next week on as the official measuring device. This means that whatever i weigh in on the old scales next week, i will take the delta to the new scales and apply it to existing records. What this means is that i may have actually been heavier than currently tracking and my targets will need to be reset. I will update next week when i can run my experiment.

The positive - i am tracking at over 10kg lost since tracking, which somewhat aligns to the results my GP has - so the trend is accurate. Topping it off, my physical measurements are accurate.

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