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Week 11 (41 to go)

So, main highlight of this week, my new scales! They came in last Friday and as mentioned last week, I did the normalisation of numbers. My new scales measured me as 0.9kg higher than the old ones. Based on the indicative numbers from my GP visit last week, my weight loss of 10.2kg in 10 weeks seems to be legitimate, so i have gone back and amended the tracking numbers up by 0.9kg (planned and actual numbers). This should mean i can keep tracking the trend from this point on.

The scales are fantastic, they match to my fitness app (Withings Health Mate) and do the arbitrary body fat %, muscle mass, bone density etc. I hop on them daily which is automatically tracked in the app, which in turn updates my food tracker and provides an average weight weekly. This allows me to look at my data when a measurement is flat or up day to day. For instance, this week i discovered the basil and tomato meatballs with spaghetti leaves a measurable lump in my stomach the morning after...

Food - again, i have been good. I had a few whiskeys on Saturday night (on ice) while watching a movie, other than that, i have been bang on.

Exercise - i have upped my cross trainer time from 16 minutes to 24. This is a 3 x a week thing before weights. First time was a challenge, however i am able to keep the same pace and resistance as i had at 16 minutes, and am now doing the equivalent of 7.5km's each work out (up from 5.5km's). Weights are steady, slight increase in the major muscle workouts (curls, bench press etc) and minor increase on weights where helper muscles are engaged. Some exercises are harder than others - the usual.

All in all, still on track and feeling good. I am sticking to my exercise plan and working from home 2 days a week, this has meant i have been a little absent in my local office, however i am prioritising my health over work travel. This is something that does not majorly impact my ability to function at work, however i do miss seeing people occasionally.

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