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Week 13 (39 to go) - End of Month 3

So, the big thing this week was the weekend away with my beautiful wife to see Tool in Melbourne. I had the best of intentions to remain healthy and not drink while away - the start to many a big night story.

We flew to Melbourne on Saturday morning - i got up, did my workout and had a normal breakfast. Dropped the kids at my parents and headed to the airport. I grabbed a coffee at the airport and saved eating lunch until we landed and got to Melbourne. There were many places to eat, however we went safe with Nandos. I had a burger on wholegrain with their spicy rice. All in all, not the worst lunch, but not the best. Off to a good start. We walked around the city for a while until it was time to head to the hotel and get ready. We had dinner booked at the European Bier Cafe. Lets just say, the Euro beers on tap, and menu / surrounds had me throwing any semblance of staying good out the window, let alone the 6.6% beers. The food and drink was great, we finished up and headed to Tool. It was about a 1.5km walk from the pub. Long story short - Show was great, many beers and Canadian club and drys were consumed. We walked back to the hotel in the crowd of Tool and Elton John fans. The positive, that day was my highest step count - a little over 13,000 (withings tracker is not a generous as other trackers). The negative - the walk seemed longer and more hilly than i remembered on the way back.

Next day, breakfast was poached eggs, toast and spinach. We walked around and looked at Cooks cottage, the model village, Federation square etc and then had Lunch on the river. I had fish, chips and salad and i squeezed in an apple muffin for good measure. No dinner as i had eaten more than enough and was not hungry when we got home. Sunday was over 11,000 steps.

The rest of the week was back on track, including getting up at 4:00am Monday to catch up on workouts due to my work schedule.

On the weight tracker, my weight went up by about 1kg for my Monday and Tuesday weigh ins, putting me a long way behind target. Then my body reacted and caught back up to be near line ball. If ever there was a reason to get back on track, this was it. I could have easily written off the week being disappointed with results. I was actually concerned i was going to get my first forfeit this month and made plans to do the gym thing. I know i am not at 145kg like i originally planned for when i would do the gym thing, but with the exercise i have been doing, coupled with the eating i am feeling good enough to take on the gym challenge.

Speaking of the B52, now that i am officially 1/4 of the way in, i have revised targets and plans. With my new scales, i have determined that i should be aiming at a target weight of 115kg. instead of the 110kg originally targeted due to the 1kg a week loss plan. This should be a body fat % of approximately 15-20% (depending on muscle mass), putting me in the middle of the target zone. This means that my target weight loss from next week on has been revised to 0.9kg instead of 1kg. Not a major change, however provides a more realistic end target to meet the outcome of the B52.

I have, as always, included my measurements for the month below. On average a solid 2cms off all round, with 3cms off the waist.

Weight results below.

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