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Week 14 (38 to go)

Biggest news this week, according to the BMI, I no longer have the term 'morbidly' associated with me by default. I lost a large 1.2kg this week putting me slightly further ahead of target and bringing my BMI to 39.9 (40 and above is classed as Morbidly Obese).

I am still obese, and still on a journey, however it is one key milestone along the way that i thought should be celebrated.

Looking back on last week and how i hit a large loss. Essentially, I stuck to my guns the whole week with no slip ups. I had a mates 40th last Saturday where i had one light beer with him and spent the rest of the night was spent playing basketball (who doesn't love a bunch of 40year olds pretending to be 17 again), frisbee and chasing kids around their property. I also had more meals without carbs (protein and salad or veggies). This wasn't deliberate, and i certainly didn't notice it during, just something to note in looking back.

Exercise - i stepped up the cross trainer again. Still 24 minutes, however now i am on the 3rd highest resistance. Weights i focussed more on chest, biceps and triceps where i did not isolate my back. This is a hangover from the injury sustained last week. I am treating the injury accordingly, and wont rush back to further damage it. It is a case of doing what i can, not not doing what i cannot.

I am planning on another week like that this week as I have a bucks weekend next weekend that may put me back a step or two.

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