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Week 15 (37 to go)

I had such grand plans for last week...

I should start with - i am a day late on weigh in. I will explain through this update, however basically it came down to 4 hours of sleep on the thursday night and a need to get to work early Friday meant i forgot to hop on the scales at the usual time. For consistency, i decided to weigh in at the common time the following day, rather than weighing in at a different time.

So this week was the week of my wife's birthday. This meant a lovely lunch out with her parents on Sunday at my favourite German restaurant. It took every fibre of my being to not order the Pork Knuckle, instead i got the Bohemian skewer (Chicken Breast, Capsicum, Onion) with chips (that my daughter ate). It was delicious. I refrained from desert and on the whole had a good day.

On Laura's actual birthday however, it was chaos. I missed my workout for presents / breakfast, was good for lunch, then in the afternoon both of our kids had activities (Kick Boxing and Gymnastics) which meant Dinner was Indian take out. I kept my portion to a good size, however i know it was not the healthiest thing i could have had. We then had cake, and it was nasty. Chocolate mud cake with chocolate glaze, it was sooo sweet that i nearly couldn't eat it. I did soldier on and finish it, but there is a mental scar on the sweetness of it.

The following day i had to fly to tropical north Queensland for work (overnight). I caught up on exercise in the morning before working for a while before heading to the airport. In short, while away my eating was OK - I optioned the healthiest things available excluding dinner, where Brazilian BBQ was served - allot of meat was eaten.

I got home at midnight Thursday night and had to be up at 0430 the next day to get in to finish work. So very sleep deprived, i missed normal weigh in. I was also a zombie for the whole day, but stayed on target as far as diet went and went to bed.

Here we are Saturday morning, i have slept a good 10 hours and weighed in. I was still able to register a loss of 400g, however yet again i am now 100g behind my target weight. Suffice to say, this mornings workout was vigorous as i am off to a Bucks night tonight so i will need to be on point this week to make up my deficit and offset the number of whiskeys i am likely to drink tonight.

Wish me luck.

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