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Week 17 (35 to go) - End of Month 4

So, second week of working from home. Unfortunately i did succumb to the virus that my wife and kids brought home, not COVID-19, but still enough to set me back from doing exercise for the week.

Diet, other than Pizza on Friday night, has been good. I have had a bit of a disturbed sleep pattern due to coughing through the night, but for the most part am well rested.

Work has been frantic with changes in instruction at a corporate, customer and government level. I have spent a lot of time seated at my workstation for long hours, which i thought would be detrimental, however no rel impact yet.

I am honestly surprised at the number i weighed in at today, losing another 1.8kg for the week. I am wondering if there is an element of loss due to lack of exercise / being unwell that is triggering a lower number that will be re-balanced next week?

From the weekend on, i will be back in the swing as far as exercise goes, will be very interested to see how my weigh in is affected next week, if at all.

As usual, end of month summary is below:

So 1/3 of the way through the challenge. I should probably say something deep and meaningful about how i am feeling or the 'journey'. But i am not that person. I have found this challenge, for the most part, very easy. I have still enjoyed things that i probably shouldn't. I have learnt things about how my body reacts to different things, and i know that i wont be on a holier than thou loss trajectory. I know that i need to stay on this course, and so far i have proven that when you fall off the wagon, you just jump back on and everything continues tickity boo.

My tracker has ups, flat points and downs. Over all i am ahead of the curve and the trend is definitely the way i want it to be.

The main thing, through all of this. Is that i am feeling intangibly better. That's all i can ask.

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