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  • Brendan Murphy

Week 19 (33 to go)

There is not much to write about this week. I slightly adjusted my exercise to now have a workout 6 out of 7 days (instead of 3 big workouts in the week). I am alternating cross trainer with weight workouts daily and have upped my time on the cross trainer from 24 minutes to 32 minutes. This means I am now doing at least 30 minutes everyday for those workout days.

My first run at 32 minutes was a challenge, but i got through it completing 10.71kms in that time. The second one i attempted to hit 10.8, but overshot and hit 10.88.

This approach has allowed me to push more in the weight workouts, maintaining higher weights for more reps.

It is safe to say, i seem to struggle more with the cross trainer, but i will keep pushing.

I lost 1.2 kg, which offsets the minor loss last week somewhat. As usual, i have one night where i have a couple of drinks and a meal that is probably not the best. I could become more focussed and drop faster, however the intent of this challenge is to lose weight, get healthier and maintain a lifestyle. I think i have that balance now.

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