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Week 2 (50 to go)

The Good

Alright, 2 weeks in and feeling good. Weigh in will happen first thing tomorrow morning and will be captured in the graph. I feel i am trending the right direction, so no curve balls expected. I am definitely in the swing of things as far as eating goes, not struggling with hunger at all. Didn't have any alcohol this week (which will be broken for next week at the work Christmas party) which was easy done. Over all an easy week.

The Bad

Strayed a little on Sunday at my Mum's birthday lunch. They were not aware of the B52 and bought the normal food for a family BBQ, namely sausages, chevapi and pork with garden salad and potato bake. I cooked the BBQ to minimise the amount of oil retained (using the open grill etc), however there is only so much you can do.

I tried my best to just stick to pork and salad, limiting the sausage, chevapi and potato bake, however my 10yo niece made the potato bake and asked if i could have some, so i passed my plate for a "small serve". Well my family doesn't do anything small, and with 1/4 of a plate full of creamy, cheesy, potato goodness, it did not last long. I also have a weakness for chevapi, so a few of them went as well along with a genuinely small serve of the birthday cheesecake. The positive, tracked all of the food in the tracker, which ate up my weekly allocation of "Treats" which when i managed the rest of the week only increased by 0.6 portions (courtesy of a Chicken Caesar Salad with no dressing for lunch on Monday).

On the drive home from Mum's, it was noticeable how much i wanted to eat more bad food - I was full, but for about an hour / hour and a half afterwards i really wanted to get chocolate, or go for a pork knuckle or anything greasy. I distracted myself with things around the house, and when it passed i was not hungry and ended up having a very light dinner that night.

The Ugly

Nothing really bad this week. Overall I am very happy with myself.

The Conclusion

Have included this weeks food allocation for interest. Protein and Veggies are high / on target, rest is a lot more balanced and closer to target. Hopefully keep trending this way.

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