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Week 20 (32 to go)

For the 3rd time in 20 weeks, i have registered an increase in weight - up by 1kg. I would love to blame the scales, but this one is all on me.

To start, obviously last weekend was the Easter long weekend. I abstained from chocolate (mostly - i had a couple of rows of dark chocolate that was tracked) and for the most part, ate and trained as normal good Friday through to Easter Sunday. Due to social distancing, we did not have the usual family get together for Easter soup (delicious bowls of meat, sour cream and garlic), so we deferred to coloured egg fights and eggs on toast. Lunch was a delicious lamb roast with air fried potatoes and veggies. I did indulge in portions that were larger than i should, however the plan was to not eat dinner to offset it.

It was around 3pm where something set in (not sure if it was boredom, but it was similar) and all i wanted was to have a beer and relax. Rather than fight the urge, and patting myself on the back for being so good to this point, i went and cracked a beer. Well, that led to me finishing the 6 cold beers in the fridge and then moving onto whiskey. My wife and I then sat and watched Kevin Smith movies and got to bed in the early hours of Monday morning.

When i look back at the concerts, bucks nights and parties attended during this challenge, i was never hung over the morning after. On Monday this guy was hung over, so i went to the comfort food of KFC to get past it. This was a mistake, and i tracked what i ate fully, but this compounded the error of the night before. I also missed my planned training session.

Normally after a bad meal / night, as i have mentioned in previous posts, my body will have 2-2.5 days of increased weight, but with getting back on track i bounce back to where i should be on day 3. This did not happen this week for one very important reason. It was my daughters birthday on Wednesday. Again, i was up and training in the morning and stuck to my diet through to the afternoon. I had a small piece of cake in the afternoon (all tracked) and then came the meal. Delicious homemade lasagne. While i tracked the recipe in full, i know my portion size was big and while there was salad on the side, there was no offsetting the impact of that bad boy. My daily calories on Wednesday came in just over my 1950 target, but i think it was enough to arrest the usual bounce back until later (hopefully tomorrow).

So here i am, 1kg up on yesterday and 500 grams above target. Next week is the end of month and the important weigh-in. While i am disappointed that i am here after the great start to the month, I am confident i will get it back on track for a positive weigh in next week and stay on track.

Yet again, even after this week i still don't have the urge to park my diet or go and get bad food again.

Just for the hell of it, here is a picture of me after my 10.87kms this morning. I figure i should add more pictures as i go to look back on.

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