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Week 21 (31 to go) - End of Month 5

I did it! After last weeks increase i was able to stay 100% on task and dropped 1.5kg this week (i needed 1.4 to make target). Diet was easy, just stuck to my guns and had no bad things (alcohol, chocolate etc).

For exercise, on Sunday the family went to the Australian Botanic Gardens to go for a walk (kids on scooters) to break things up. The gardens are open, however cafe's etc are not during this COVID-19 time. We walked for just under 5kms through some of the tracks in about 90 minutes on and off which was good. It was more of a discovery walk though, finding what kinds of tracks they had and where they intersect - the plan is to make this weekly and go with a plan.

While we were there i spotted the mountain bike trails, which looked fun. Naturally, when we got home i got my mountain bike (last ridden circa 2014) and gave it a full service and clean. Figuring "why not" i jumped on and took it for a few laps of the block which was great fun and now something i will do more often. It really was like riding a bike - after the first couple of nervous turns, i was back into leaning into corners.

I completed the normal weights and cross trainer. I did have a breakthrough on Wednesday. I went hard and was able to break the 11km target in 32 minutes (below). It took everything i had and the last 2 minutes were a full on sprint, but i got there. In saying that, i think for normal workouts i will aim for 10.85kms and only stretch to 11km once a week.

On measurements, the monthly results are below. I have physically noticed a difference in my waist / stomach. -5cm this week off my waist was great and 3cm off my hips. Check and neck marginal. I will post full tracking results once i get to half way, but it is encouraging to see the graphs direction for all things being tracked. Unfortunately i don't have a belt notch update as i haven't had to wear a belt in the last 6 weeks. Putting it on this morning i am on the last available hole (another notch down), however that is not day to day wear. Still encouraging though.

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