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Week 22 (30 to Go)

Well, this was another learning week. Over the past few weeks i have talked about how my body has an up turn after having an indulgence meal (eg. takeaways or having a couple of drinks) that holds for a day or two and then my body rapidly returns to where it would have roughly been without the up tick.

This last week we had end of week drinks with mates via video chat on Friday night. I had 1 x 750ml beer and a White Russian to drink. For dinner, as my wife had work drinks as well so we ordered Thai (Cashew Chicken and Beef Massaman Curry). I was over my daily target of calories by approx 550, however not to worry - this was nothing compared to previous indulgences. I can manage it.

The Saturday i got up and stood on the scales (daily tracking) and was up 1.2kg! Again, not to worry, i have managed this before - get back on track and the bounce back will occur. So I did my training and got mostly back on the healthy eating horse, with the exception of having a portugese chicken burger for lunch (which kept me full through dinner) meaning i was well under calories for Saturday. Sunday weigh in had a minor loss of - 0.2kg. We had a very active Sunday with another trip to the botanic gardens and walking / running for 90 minutes in addition to cross trainer session.

Monday weigh in, minor loss (-0.2kg). This was usually the point that i would see a large drop to get back to my weekly starting weight - maybe it will be tomorrow. Monday afternoon we went for flu shots and the rest of the week i kept well inside the bounds of calorie targets and kept my exercise up (except for Tuesday as i had a cracking headache - possible side affect of the flu shot).

Tuesday - Thursday weigh-ins - minor losses of -0.2kg per day. There was no bounce back! I was on track to lose just -0.3kg week to week. I got lucky with a good weigh in this morning of -0.5kg giving me a total loss of -0.6kg, which is good. However puts me 0.4kg behind target.

I have added the daily tracker for interest.

The next couple of weeks i will control indulgences and try and get ahead of the curve. Only 4 more weeks until i am halfway through this challenge, i would like to be ahead of plan at that weigh in!

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