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Week 23 (29 to go)

This week was all round excellent. The furthest i strayed on my diet was having a scotch on Friday and Saturday night while watching a movie (well after dinner).

On Sunday - my planned rest day - we went back to the Botanic Gardens and burnt 485kcal trekking the over mountain walk (map below). While not a great speed or distance, i was proud of my wife who completed it as she has just started her own challenge. After the big walk we let the kids take their scooters around one of the smaller gardens where i jogged a fair portion of it with them.

This is something i have noticed - as a family we are becoming more active and living less like fat people. It is now harder to just sit on the lounge and watch the TV.

The rest of the weeks workouts have gone to plan resulting in a huge loss of 1.7kg, putting me 0.6kg ahead of target.

Not much else to say for this week. 3 weeks left until half way, i would like to try and hit 136kg to be under 300lbs for the halfway mark, but I think that may be a little too optimistic. 4.3kg in 3 weeks would mean an average loss of 1.5kg per week. I will set it as a mini goal to chase, but wont be devastated if i don't hit it.

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