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Week 24 (28 to go)

Never have i been so conflicted with a weigh-in. This week i successfully lost 0.8kg which took me into the 130 kg realm - a place i have not been in 6-7 years. A good result and a real positive milestone in this challenge.

The confliction? Looking back at last week with my aspirational aim of hitting 136 in week 26, i stuck to my guns through the week on both diet and exercise. That included over the weekend just passed where I cooked Mothers Day lunches on both Saturday and Sunday for the grandparents that we had visit each day. On both occasions i cooked things that were healthy enough, both days i did not partake in any alcohol or desert and both days i fit within my calorie goal. I will admit on the Sunday, after a Pork Loin roast with veggies for lunch, we did order Thai for dinner that i probably did not need - but it was mothers day and i was keeping my wife happy and eating some delicious chilli and garlic chicken and vegetables.

On Monday, my weight jumped up by 1.4kg. This is something that happens when i drink - not when i keep within my calorie goal. Queue confusion, frustration and dismay at what the hell is happening in my body.

I did the only thing i could and got back into the exercise, possibly with a little more gusto than previous, and healthy eating. It took 2 days to get back to my previous weeks weigh in, 3 days to bring myself ahead of the Sunday morning weigh in. I am still unsure on what caused that uptick - was it too many carbs late at night? water retention for some reason? I will continue to monitor, though it is safe to say that Thai may be out for a little while.

I think my aspirational goal of being under 300lbs at the halfway point of this challenge has been stymied. I will continue to drive for it, but it now means i would need to lose 1.75kg per week for the next two weeks. While i have the occasional 1.7 - 1.8kg loss, it is usually backed by a low loss so it is highly unlikely that this is possible. I also don't want to break the intent of this challenge, which is to continue to eat and live a healthy life, not restrict myself and be on a 'diet'.

At the end of the 52 weeks i want to just continue with this lifestyle as normal, not feel like i am now eating 'normally' after starving myself. So far i am getting results from making good choices and exercising. I still have the occasional drink (or many), delicious meal and snacks. I am not going to change that for a short term goal that may see me bounce backward straight afterward.

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