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Week 25 (27 to go)

Another boring week. Stayed on track as far as diet and exercise is concerned. Had a slight blip on weigh-ins over the weekend after having back to back dinners with steak and minimal vegetables (full carnivore mode was engaged). But it was a plateau for a day rather than a mountain to recover from. All round solid result dropping 1.4kg.

Being a week out from midway through the challenge, i thought it was time to go through and see what physical things have changed. Next week will be all about measurements and graphs, lets make this week about intangibles.

Firstly - the infamous belt that did not fit in the first month of the challenge is now verging on a little loose on the lowest notch. I have to go and get a leather punch to continue the challenge (as i would like the story to be able to be told with one item at the end).

Secondly - i started the process of going through my wardrobe, and on advice of DMurf, wrap up anything big and donate it. There should be no going back. On Sunday i took on the challenge with my work shirts / casual shirts. They say a picture tells a thousand words, so i have added one below.

What that picture doesn't say is how i am going to financially manage having clothes while i am going through this change.... I have just donated 25 shirts! Fortunately this week there have been a number of click frenzy sales, so i have been able to build back up my current and hopefully future size shirts for not a lot of outlay.

A couple of these shirts were size 52. I have now got a handful of 46's and 44's to get me through the next couple of months. That's 4-5 sizes in 6 months.

Finally - I have done is do the same with my pants. Fortunately i did not have anywhere near as many of those to remove, however I have had to donate 5-10 items that are too big. For pants i have dropped from 48's to 42's. Again - 4 sizes!

I think it is fair to say that i am pretty chuffed with how things are going.

That's enough for this week. As mentioned, next week is midway and it will be heavily stats and measurements focussed, as well as have a progress photo.

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