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Week 29 (23 to go)

Back on track!

After a couple of sluggish weeks I was able to drop 1.4kg this week. I am still battling the after effects of the sinus infection and ongoing shoulder issue (GP appointment today for physical assessment), by keeping my intake in check and exercising to the limit i could achieve got me back below the B52 target line. Admittedly, i am only 0.1kg's ahead of the line, it is still better to be ahead of the line coming into the final week of month 7 than be behind.

To expand a little on the shoulder injury. I have a radiating pain from my left shoulder down to my elbow and across my back. Initially it was only after weights sessions, however after halting weights two weeks ago it has not subsided, if anything it has gotten worse. I still have a full range of movement and function, it is just the pain that is the concern. This week it started impacting my sleep, waking 2-3 times per night with a bolt of pain when i roll on my left side. I will update once i have more of a diagnosis.

The injury has meant that i have had to slow my tempo a little on the cross trainer as i am not engaging that arm while exercising (other than moving it - not pushing or pulling). I see it as very important that i dont stop moving with an injury, however focus on exercises that i can do to keep momentum up. It would be very easy to stop all together, however i think that will cause me to stagnate or go backward - not something i want to do.

On to next week, i will be repeating this weeks approach and with a bit of luck will stay on target.

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