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  • Brendan Murphy

Week 3 (49 to go)

The Good:

Well, this week I have found that I can get straight back on track after a massive night out. We had out Christmas party on Friday night, I planned out my meals of having a larger lunch (satay chicken and rice) and then planned on minimal eating while drinking. I stuck to my guns (actually wasn't hungry) and avoided the Pizza, fired chicken and other things put out through the night. After the breakfast the next day, things were back on track resulting in a 1.8kg loss for the week!

The Bad:

The morning after. The term dusty does not describe adequately enough how i felt. I think my choice to not load up on bad food while drinking triggered a more aggressive than usual hangover. It did however disappear quite quickly once i ate some food. As i had to drive from Canberra to Sydney, the choices were limited, so i opted for KFC. All food tracked and a lazy 20 odd units over on the indulgences. I managed to not let that increase through the rest of the week which was a plus.

The Ugly:

The Party - i think i had 12-15 drinks ranging from beer to whiskey to whatever got handed to me. It is a once a year event, however, at 39, i think i need to ease off on these ones.

The Conclusion:

While the week started in a bad way, i am very happy at how quickly i was able to get back on track with things. Historically nights like that would have turned into "write-off" weekends, which would have lead through to Christmas and New Years itself. I don't have the urge to fall off the rails, and the B52 penalties should stop me even if i did...

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