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Week 31 (21 to go)

This was a weird week. It started with the less than positive news that I have bursitis in my left shoulder. So time to get back to the Physio and work on getting it right and planning my exercise with some expertise.

I also came down with a head-cold that my darling wife had last week. It hit Friday evening and proceeded to take hold and beat me up until Thursday. It got to the point where I was instructed to go for a COVID-19 test by my GP on Tuesday (came back negative for info). As you may expect, this lead to no exercise this week.

To offset the lack of exercise, the head-cold caused a lack of appetite. Somehow I registered one of the biggest losses in a week (2.1kg), though I am not sure how enduring it is. I weighed in at 132.6kg (about 0.8kg down on the week before) on Tuesday after no appetite on Sunday and Monday, I had to remind myself to eat normally Tuesday and Wednesday and I was back to normal on Thursday. My weight continued to drop to 131.4kg. As I return to health and get back into exercise, I kind of expect a plateau or up tick for next weeks number as things return to normal - will be interesting to see what happens. This weigh-in marks another milestone. I have now lost over 30kg since the start of this challenge - a huge number when you consider what that is. I tried to visualise the amount of weight i am no longer carrying around. The easiest is to turn it into shopping bags full of 15 x 2 litre milk bottles. When that lens is applied, it is easy to understand why things are much easier now. While I am still a fair way from my desired end state, looking at what I have achieved definitely helps boost the confidence going forward.

This weekend we are on a mini-break in rural NSW. While away I will be doing my best to maintain my diet and get out and be as active as possible. Next week's weigh in will be very interesting!

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