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Week 32 (20 to go)

Well, my prediction last week of my weigh in being an outlier was correct. I ended up being 0.2kg up on last week, however i think that better reflects a managed weight loss.

This week we had a 3 day break in the greater west, spent mostly walking around attractions, bushland and mines, it was quite an active break. I was still feeling a little lethargic after the last couple of weeks of illness, however got through it the best i could. My appetite was low and i kept to the healthier options for main meals (no snacks) and kept my fluids up. All in all, i think i managed my diet well while away.

The downside, come Tuesday afternoon my body wanted to switch off and sleep. I ended up sleeping for the entire day Wednesday and half the day Thursday as my body needed to rest and get better. Of course, being a Murphy i had to double down and it appears that I must have brushed past a plant that i am highly allergic to as my lower legs broke out in painful welts and rashes. Friday ended up being a day of tests and checks (with my history of embolisms), which thankfully came up clear. Now it is Sunday (2 days later than i usually blog) and i am finally well enough to get up and be coherent (I hope) on a computer.

The big test for me will be going to Canberra this week while trying to treat my blood condition and trying to not be impacted by the allergens known to be down there. Wish me luck.

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