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Week 33 (19 to go)

Well, i think i have another outlier week. I weighed in at 129.5kg this morning (down 2.1kg on last week).

On one hand, i am very happy to have a 12 in front of my weight, something that has not occurred in at least the last 12 years. On the other i feel it is just a very fortunate weigh in post illness and being away for work most of this week. Next week will re-balance things i feel.

The last work trip i had planned on being better prepared with meals etc, however that didn't happen. I tracked my meals through the 3 days away, and my calorie intake was not significantly low, however i still get the feeling that i was not as well balanced with my intake as I could have been. I did get up and go walking each day to maintain some level of exercise as well as remained mobile throughout my work days, so there was that plus.

There was a work function on the Wednesday night where i avoided drinking too much (one beer) and i planned my meals for the day to remove any temptation with the pizzas that were offered. Personally i think i got through that quite well.

Looking forward, i think i am finally clear of any illnesses and am able to get back to normal this week on food and exercise.

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