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Week 34 (18 to go)

Well, this was frantic for nothing. I woke up this morning thinking today was the end of the month and started the full measurement process, only to realise that I had another week to go. The good news is that I know how my measurements are tracking for next week, I just need to keep them up my sleeve until then.

This week was a small loss of 0.3kg. I am happy with it after last weeks outlier measurement of 2.1kg, any loss is a win. Looking back at the last 4 weeks I have had -2.1kg, +0.2kg, -2.1kg and -0.3kg. While haphazard, still resulted in an average of just of 1kg per week lost. Considering I have been doing this for 34 weeks, still being able to average numbers like that is unexpected. I am also happy that i have not had a bounce back with the return of exercise or post illness.

This week was good, being back and healthy. I was able to get in cross trainer time again and my diet is now looking after itself. I really don't have to consciously think about what or when I am eating. Just staying the course.

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