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  • Brendan Murphy

Week 35 (17 to go) - End of Month 8

So, 2/3's of the way through and sitting at 33.8kgs lost in 34 weeks. I was a little disappointed with my weigh in this week - a miserly 0.2kg drop. I am reminding myself that at the stage I am, any loss is good. I am still tracking 1.1kg's ahead of plan so I cannot be too upset at myself and my previous results have had a few weeks like this. Just need to ride it out and the numbers will come back.

As usual, I have attached my measurements for tracking. Not any major changes since last month, but the consistent drop in my waist and hips is something I am proud of. I am almost in the realms of going to a normal store for clothes without worrying about the change room 'walk of shame'.

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