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Week 36 (16 to go)

So this weeks weigh in officially sees me weighing less than I did on my wedding day. This is a big thing for me as I often see our wedding photos around the house and think about how I had let myself go, now I am below that which is a real positivity boost.

I managed a 1kg drop this week which is great in comparison to the last couple of weeks, however that was slightly impeded by a bad day Sunday. We had my parents around for lunch, I made a lamb pie and veggies and had intended on that being the worst of it. Until the wine was opened. A bottle of Shiraz later the fantastic idea of getting pizza for dinner, when I wasn't really hungry, was proposed and executed. I think I landed somewhere in the 1200 calorie mark over my target for the day, which in isolation is manageable, however the 3 day water retention due to alcohol returned and threw everything in disarray.

I tracked daily and on Monday morning was up 1.7kg on the Sunday weigh in. Sticking to my guns as far as diet was concerned for the week saw a couple of days of solid losses before on Wednesday (day 3) I had a 1.1kg drop as my body finished its reaction to Sunday's gorging. I have attached the daily tracker for interest.

I keep adding this as a reminder of what i have found my body does and as a reminder to not take one measurement as everything. I find it fascinating to see how it reacts. The other thing i have noticed is that my heart rate during sleep goes up - usually between 8-12 bpm average through the night. I only see this through the use of my tracker, but it is something that is not overly noticeable otherwise (other than feeling slightly more tired than normal the next day). Your body works hard to fix bad things.

Oh - on belt watch. I have had to punch another hole!

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