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Week 38 (14 to go)

Back on track, down an even 1.0kg this week and that was after smashing a pork knuckle and 1l stein of cut beer on Sunday. I am back to being 0.3kg ahead of target moving into next week which is an end of month weigh in - which is a good place to be.

This week started with a bang, with 6 hours of digging, shoveling, lifting, compacting and laying block work for some side stairs out the back. This was tiring work and I restrained myself sufficiently on the Friday to not hammer the 5-6 beers my body was asking for. I followed this up on Saturday with kids soccer and again remained on track as far as diet goes - however with urges for lots of meat and beer. Come Sunday the urge to eat meat and drink beer was too great, so we relented and went to the German restaurant for lunch - which filled me enough for dinner also.

Outside of that lapse, i was on point with my food intake for the rest of the week, and again saw the 3 day retention after the beer before dropping back to where i am today.

On exercise, the Physio has given some good strength exercises for my shoulder and is hopeful for me to get back to weight training mid next week. I will stay the course on his exercises and hopefully get the all clear to start with weights again shortly.

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