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Week 40 (12 to go)

Well, this week i had a self imposed increase. The weekend started with a few too many after work drinks and pizza on Friday night which continued through the weekend. On Saturday after the kids soccer we were heading home just after lunchtime. I had refereed my daughters game and have had a hankering to try one of the Hungry Jacks "Big Jack" burgers, so I figured I could fit that in and make up the difference through the week.

Well, firstly the Big Jack did the same as what Hungry Jacks always did to me. It tasted good while eating it, made me want ice cream or something sugary after it and sat like a brick in my stomach for the rest of the day. After going 40+ weeks without Hungry Jacks, this was the reminder why I shouldn't go there again. I also want to call out something I spoke about in a previous post. The desire to eat bad food after eating fast food was nearly overpowering. All afternoon, while I felt full and sick with a weight in my stomach, I craved a sundae or block of chocolate. Thankfully we did not have any in the house, but the after effects I felt, even after going 40 weeks on this challenge, was surprising. It is easy to see how staring on the fast food spiral can easily get out of control.

As a result of my bad weekend, my weigh-ins for the rest of the week were something to behold. I peaked at an increase of 3.1kg from last weeks weigh-in before my diet and exercise re-leveled things. the numbers are below as they will be lost in the weekly tracking I do for this challenge.

All in all, while this week was a negative one against the challenge, I think the weekend binge was something needed for mental stability. It made me feel better while i was in the weekend, served as a good reminder of how things were after and strengthened my resolve to get back on track to the end.

In positive news, my Physio has given the all clear for weigh training and has even upped the ante for me. First session will be this afternoon - hopefully it is the thing to kick start the losses again. I need it as now i am 0.8kg behind target with just 3 weeks to make it up!

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