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  • Brendan Murphy

Week 41 (11 to go)

So, I am a couple of days late getting to this. Have been on the go the last few days and just had time to site down and update this.

Unfortunately, it was a case of another week, another poor result. I dropped a whopping 200g to be 126.2kg. I am now 1.5kg behind target and after looking at my diet and exercise, genuinely confused.

Obviously, last Sunday was fathers day and it was the exception to a really good week. I was well on top of food (maybe a little higher on carbs than i should have been). Fathers day, while i went over the top, it was not by much, definitely not enough to change numbers significantly. Overall i was well within my target for calories and was really balanced.

I did get a full week of weights in, i am not sure if that impacted anything in the numbers game. Overall i am feeling good and from a belt perspective am preparing for another hole to be punched.

I have started this week well and will really push the exercise. On that, i now have a skipping rope, cannot wait to wake the neighbors as i bounce on concrete in the early hours of the morning!

On the whole, this is week 3 of a plateau. I will see if i can change things up more this week and jag a big number next, but otherwise i may need to revisit my targets to the end of the challenge.

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