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  • Brendan Murphy

Week 42 (10 to go)

So this is the 4th week with me being in the 126kg range, though I think today's measurement is a little influenced by a limited nights sleep and not matching my normal pattern. I weighed in the same as last week (126.2kg), which I am frustrated and yet pleased with. While i am no 2.4kg behind target, i am happy to not be bouncing back up and I have been able to add a new notch to the belt! Something is working, if not showing on the scales.

This week was limited in exercise due to work, but my diet was on point. My weight fluctuated a little throughout the week but stayed within the 126kg range. My sleep last night was abridged as i had to get up at 3am to take my father into hospital for a procedure. I think this resulted in a slightly higher measurement as i have discovered my weigh-ins are impacted on mornings with less sleep / regularity. I will track to tomorrow morning and see if i get a jump down.

Otherwise, my shoulder recovery goes well and i have more exercises to get through.

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