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Week 4 (48 to go) - End of Month 1

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

The Good:

F@%k yeah. Christmas week and I still dropped 0.5kg! While, on the face of it, 0.5kg is not a huge number, the fact that I was able to control my calorie intake well enough, even with end of year drinks, Christmas Eve Family Dinner (Traditional fish and chips) and Christmas Day Lunch (4 courses of fantastic food). I am ecstatic with where my number was for this, the last measurement of the first month of the B52. Smashed it!

The Bad:

As above, drinks with workmates, and the gorge fest that was Christmas was not great on the diet. While there was a lot of very bad food for you available, I made smart choices with meals and accompaniments, and didn’t go back for seconds. I listened to my body for follow up meal times and only ate if I really felt I needed it.

The Ugly:

Two words - Passionfruit Flummery. It is a once a year treat that my Mother in Law makes especially for me and I love it. Deliciously fruity and light, I do admit I went back for seconds on Christmas day for this desert.

The Conclusion:

First month down and the first milestone weigh in and I am 2.3kg under plan which is a great spot to be. I have lost weight each of the 4 weeks, even over silly season which has been a great motivator. I have added the results below for interest.

Next month I will start back with walking and weights – easy at first as I want to know how my body will react with my diet. Can’t wait to check in next week!

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