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  • Brendan Murphy

Week 8 (44 to go)

This week I discovered that DOMS is a thing and it is not fun. After the disappointment of last weeks weigh in, I spent my day on Sunday finally finishing off setting up my garage. This included cleaning, oiling and setting up my weights set up and the cross trainer (elliptical). It took a lot longer than expected, but by mid afternoon all was set up.

I printed out the free weight training regime drawn up for me years ago as well as the records of what I was lifting. The regime is set in 3 workout groups being Triceps & Back, Shoulders & Legs and Chest & Biceps. In between nights i will do sit ups / planks / bridges / other core exercises.

Being a realist and noting that the records from the last time i did any weight training were from 3 years ago, i set the expectation of lifting from the 2nd week of the previous regime as i immediately increased all my weights after the first week last time, and then had steady gains. I have done nothing since so don't want to tear something straight away being a hero.

The plan - 1 cycle of the workout group (each group has approximately 9 exercises across two areas and includes 3 sets and 10 reps) each week. Nominally a day break between each workout depending on my exercise schedule. Before each session i will do 16 minutes on the cross trainer at a medium setting (it works better with 16 as there are 16 tracking lines on the trainer - visual motivation), then stretch then into a workout group, then stretch and cool down. Ideally in the morning, but as it is in my garage i can do it at night also.

So scene set. Monday was a workout morning so i got up to my alarm at 06:00, got dressed and jumped on the cross trainer. 16 minutes later, nice and sweaty i hopped off and started targeted stretching of my triceps and back as well as general stretching. Feeling good, i launched into my weights. To be honest, i just got through the session. Every set i was struggling to finish my last rep of 10, however got there every time. 45 minutes later, repeated the stretching and cool down began.

I had breakfast, jumped in the shower and logged onto work feeling great. Was easily the best morning i have had in a long time. Around lunchtime i was ravenous and had lunch (tuna and salad sandwich) and after that was tired and lethargic. Throughout the day i kept my water intake up and tried to get up and move as much as possible, but no improvement. Fast forward to the night, and i was in bed by 20:30 and asleep not long after.

I woke up very early Tuesday with a drive to Canberra ahead of me. My back was a little stiff and sore, by triceps more-so. While i was making breakfast i made sure to stretch a little and that was it. Through the day my triceps got progressively worse. I had planned to head to the Driving Range that night as i was overnighting, and nearly stopped it. However with a little stretching i came around, and to be honest felt really good swinging the club for 30 minutes. That night, my arms simply stopped working. I could not lift them above shoulder height. It was a horrendous nights sleep.

To wrap up the DOMS story, it wasn't until Thursday lunch-time that i was able to move with freedom. As such, the next workout was postponed until Thursday night. DOMS IS REAL - and it hurts. I can only hope my recovery time improves as i get deeper into this program.

I nailed my diet this week and am back on track as far as weight-loss is concerned. A real surprise was on Wednesday, driving home from Canberra, i realised that i had my belt on the 2nd notch. It is not overly comfortable yet - which is how i noted something was different, however the first notch is a little loose and the 2nd notch a little tight, but very happy with that change in a couple of weeks!

Monthly weigh in and measurements are next week - focussing on staying ahead of the target next week and hopefully getting through the next workout group with as little pain as possible. Any tips on minimising DOMS greatly appreciated.

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