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Week 9 (43 to go) - End of Month 2

So exercise with diet works. This week I dropped 1.4kg with a total of 5.99% lost since I started. This has kept me 0.7kg ahead of target in a month where I had a gain in one of the weeks. Absolutely ecstatic. I did it quite easily as well - after the dramas of DOMS last week, this week has been a constant feeling of movement in my body, some minor aches but nothing unbearable.

End of month means measurements, tracking data has been updated below. In the most simple manner, I have lost ~10cm in circumference, from chest to waist since the start. Real world metrics applied, my spanking new RM Williams belt, that didn’t fit when I began this program, that I just fit into at the start of the month and accidentally fit into hole 2 last week is now the permanent hole. I am moving far more freely and am far more active that I used to be, things like taking on the stairs at the train station are effortless now. My sleep is much better, with my resting heart rate while sleeping averaging at 50bpm, it was up near 70bpm at the start of this program.

I mean I know people say this a lot, and I used to dismiss it, but looking after yourself really makes you feel a lot better - and I am only doing 3 x planned workouts a week - it is not onerous.

Being 1/6th of the way into this program, I am abundantly aware that I still have a long way to go, however I cannot see me failing the program and kicking on with this.

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